Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is an element that is deeply rooted in the principles and approach Banamiel Group. This is clearly shown from the perspective of its mission, where sustainability arises marketing, including social and environmental aspects. This also emphasizes our vision, which aims to achieve and maintain market leadership, but with social and environmental responsibility. All this is crowned with the approach of our values ​​where equity and social justice and environmental sustainability are included.

Besides the approach of its social responsibility, Group Banamiel make sure that every member of the organization internalize this practice and accountable for compliance. Through external support, in discussion with top executives, are helped to create the necessary awareness of these policies. Training workshops and discussion on the importance of them and feedback were prepared to define the main focus of the company in this regard. In this process, a corporate social policy is defined, which arises below:

“Corporate Social Responsibility Banamiel group should contribute to the sustainable economic development of different projects, working with partners, employees, their families, the local community and society in general, looking for a better quality of life for all groups interest. “