Banamiel Group is a company purely Dominican capital, established in this country, and aims to export bananas and other fruits. The company was created by a group of agribusiness in the interest of ensuring sustainable access to international markets. The company started its operations in 2004 with the export of bananas to Europe.
The partners of the company are a group of renowned farmers, efficiency and innovation in banana production. Its establishment was a great contribution and provided alternative marketing bananas partners and other independent producers who decided to use the services of our company.
Banamiel Group is governed by the principles of solidarity economy and equity partners. The company takes the cooperative values ​​of democracy, recognizing each shareholder the same voting rights, while promoting the business is encouraged. In correspondence with this business model, from its origins Banamiel Group has led to a sharing scheme, in which small farmers have had their development space with equal shareholding recognition.
The Shareholders delegated to the Board the strategic management of the company. The Council encourages an exercise in corporate governance based on good corporate governance practices, for which it has drafted a code that governs the actions of the Board. To this end, it is pushing for transparency, market efficiency and consistency with the legal framework of the country; clearly articulate the division of responsibilities among different supervisory authorities, regulatory and enforcement.
The company has also seen the possibility of better operating conditions, while helping the emergence of a traditionally depressed area in the Dominican Republic, as it has been the area of border provinces. That is why you elected Banamiel Group, since 2008, the Law 28-01 for Border Development, which exempts from corporate taxes that are located physically in the border provinces. The company starts since the plan to move the city of Mao, Valverde province, to the province of Montecristi. This process is accomplished narrow in 2011, when it was finally installed in the community of Hatillo Palma (province of Montecristi) in August.