About Us

Banamiel Group is a company dedicated to the export of bananas. Erected by a group of agricultural entrepreneurs aware of the need to not only focus on the technical aspects of agricultural production, but also in management and market share, this group of entrepreneurs founded Banamiel Group in 2004, with the aim of supporting banana marketing and ensuring sustainable access to international markets, exporting bananas to Europe since 2005.

Banamiel Group is governed by the principles of solidarity economy and equity partners. Assume the cooperative values ​​of democracy, recognizing each shareholder the same voting rights while promoting the business is encouraged.

Currently, Banamiel Group has become one of the exporters of bananas increased growth and leadership in the Dominican Republic, thanks to the vision of its partners and the management support that counts.

Our technicians are aware of the demands of the banana crop and strong threats facing regarding diseases, water and nutrient requirements, and increases in production costs. Therefore, working daily to keep under control each of these aspects, seeking to maintain a good productivity that allows us to compete in international markets. Furthermore, ongoing communication management with customers is one of the main features that distinguish the company and allows a direct transfer of your concerns to the technicians and producers. This is also key for appropriate corrective measures as needed to be taken.

Banamiel Group makes a difference in that, despite being a company established in a developing country, not only focuses on the economic, but also focuses on the environmental and social impact it may have in the border region and throughout the Dominican Republic.

The company is fortunate to have a technical and high-quality management team, which works together to have products and procedures to ensure the company growth, and strengthening business leadership at national and international level.