Our Services

The escort services are offered to farmers through the Agricultural Management Services. Such management has a specialized support producers throughout the production process equipment. With these escort services seeks to ensure fruit production of the highest quality. This is achieved through proper implementation and monitoring of the standards set by the company and production schedules, making the most of the raw materials and resources that are available.

Specifically, the services accompanying Banamiel Group offers its producers are:

  • Coordinate the efforts of all production equipment in order to get the best result possible with the best features that meet the needs of our customers.
  • Direct the implementation of production schedules that lead to picking the best products with the best features of the region, in order to be preferred for our customers, consumers, current and future.
  • Comply with and enforce the standards and quality standards required by the company and our customers in all processes and procedures carried out to obtain our products.
  • Encourage the joint effort of the areas involved in the production process, such as: Logistics, Quality, Fair Trade, Certifications and Planning, in order to get the best results at the lowest cost and with the highest quality and acceptance of our customers, while the best working links between the internal team of the company creates.
  • Approve the purchase of inputs and raw materials needed for the daily operation, ensuring that operations do not stop at any time and that no material remains unused in warehouses.
  • Prepare the daily production schedule, monthly, and year period in order to detect early every opportunity they can stop or damage the operations of the —Group Banamiel decisions and take alternate actions, properly communicating them to management and the teams.
  • Prepare the program increased production in the high season, clearly establishing between the teams: warehouse, logistics, planning and producers.
  • Analyze all information collected by quality and on-farm production and make the right decisions on mitigation plans in case of production problems and present the results to management.
  • Emerging operate special programs aimed at continuous improvement of procedures resulting in the quality of the exported product.