In addition to individual producers within the Group Banamiel suppliers of producer associations are included. These associations function as channels that facilitate transactions between the company and the producers. Within these partnerships include The Santa Cruz Association, United Association of Banana (ASOBANU) Farmers’ Association Northern Region (ASOANOR), Farmers Association Ramón Antonio Cruz (ASOARAC) and the Association of Banana Friends (ASOBAAM ).

• States Association of Banana (ASOBANU)

asobanuThe ASOBANU is formed by banana producers from the northwestern region of the Dominican Republic association, incorporated under Act 122 by Decree No.365-98 on October 5, 1998. Membership association that produces bananas of different qualities, conventional , organic, Fair Trade, EUREPGAP and TNC.

 Antonio Cruz Farmers Association (ASOARAC)


The Ramón Antonio Cruz Association is a nonprofit organization incorporated under the terms of Law No. 122-05 of April 8, 2005 and domiciled in the Municipal District of Hatillo Palma, Guayubín Township, Montecristi province . This consists of small farmers producing conventional bananas, so the main goal of achieving quality indices and productivity required for the association to be able to survive in today’s market, offering customers agricultural products that meet the demands and required security.

• The Association of Santa Cruz

• Farmers’ Association Northern Region (ASOANOR)

• Association of Banana Friends (ASOBAAM)