The main market for their bananas Banamiel Group is the European Union. Within this market, the main countries where the company exports are the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Holland. The chart below shows
the percentage distribution of exports to these countries. Of these, the most important is that the UK, which has a stake of 48.17%. This is followed by Spain and the Netherlands with 28.72% and 6.06%, respectively.

Banamiel banana exports by country of destination Group, 2014.

Country of destination Quantity (Packs of 18.14kg.) Percentage
Portsmouth (UK) 3,739,782 77.02
Algeciras (España) 143,640 2.96
Rotterdam (Holanda) 184,680 3.80
Helsingborg (Dinamarca) 112,320 2.31
Alemania 261,732 5.39
Lisboa (Portugal) 221,400 4.56
Trinidad y Tobago 141,480 2.91
Otros 50,760 1.05
Total 4,855,794 100