Quality Management

Quality is one of the essential weapons Banamiel Group competitiveness. The company has a comprehensive quality system that allows you to stay ahead in the market and filling the high expectations of its customers and end users. The quality management system is not only limited to control defects that may arise at the end of the process, but seeks to counter any problem from the source. This holistic approach helps both our company and our brands continue to have a major impact on the market.

Our brands are packaged with a thorough quality control system, attached to the technical specifications for each product. We offer also the possibility to pack private labels with proper labeling of each and other specifications required by the client.

As an affirmation of our quality management approaches, we are pleased to know that over 50% of our staff is assigned to the Quality Department. The structure has a quality management, supervisors and inspectors who work directly with producers to ensure the highest standards from the source.

Banamiel Group is the only exporter of bananas in the Dominican Republic which has a fixed inspector in each packing plant during the process. This seeks to ensure the safety and product quality.

The company also has a vocational gathering, where the fruit comes from every area of ​​production and packing plant. In this center, a reassessment of the quality is, palletized and distributed in different containers depending on your destination.