Banamiel Group brands have made ​​a big impact on the international market, especially the European market. Below is each of the images that characterize our brands.

This is the conventional basic premium brand of banana Banamiel on which other, depending on the distinguishing of them according to the demands of our customers additional features are built.
Banamiel Organic
This is the organic premium brand, produced low the guidelines and certification of Control Union Peru, world renowned certification company.
Banamiel Fairtrade Organic
In addition to organic certification, this brand is certified Fair Trade. This brand is sold with incentives for Fairtrade certification and also producers receive an additional prize of U.S. $ 1.00 to be spent on social programs for the benefit of both its employees and the support of community activities.
Banamiel Small
Under this brand premium banana of a smaller size is sold, but with all the quality requirements our main brand.
Bananas Banamiel selection are those that may have some simple cosmetic defects without affecting the quality of the pulp. This banana is sold in markets where consumers are not as picky about the appearance of the fruit, but in terms of the internal quality of the same.
Team Bio
Traditionally under this brand small organic bananas marketed with the same quality features as that sold under the brand Banamiel red cap.
Selection Extra
his is a brand with a similar level of our brand Banamiel conventional premium, which is among the leading brand quality and selection, as compared to Banamiel Premium is almost imperceptible in many cases.